How Capitalism Exploits Us (And What We Can Do About It)

Some seem to think capitalism is about buying and selling things. However, as this video shows, the core of capitalism is really about exploitation. Find out why and what we can do about it in this video remix.

How To Fund A Universal Basic Income Fairly

A properly constructed UBI would be based on the idea that the resources that weren’t created by human labor - the land, the airwaves, our public spaces, the skies, and even money itself - belong to everyone.

Globalization Makes No Sense

The logic that maximizing GDP, which is just the summation of all goods and services exchanged for money, will somehow lead to a better world for all is so obviously flawed, yet it continues to be held in high regard by almost every mainstream economist.

A Real Solution To The Homelessness Epidemic

When we see the suffering of people on the street, we, too, feel their pain whether we acknowledge it in our conscious minds or not.

Sustainable Human Launches New Gift-Based Economic System

The mission of Sustainable Human is to assist in creating and promoting a new economic system based on the collective voluntary gifts of everyday people.

The Disconnection Between Money and Reality

Money is such a widely-accepted phenomena, but is it anything more than an abstract concept?

Capitalism And Freedom Are Incompatible

There is some freedom within capitalism, but there is no freedom from it.

How Much Of The Economy Do We Actually Need?

Most of the economy doesn't exist to fulfill our basic needs, yet so many people are unable to meet them. Do we still need everyone to earn a living?