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Video Storytelling Service

Most people realize by now that we need some major changes in the way humanity thinks and behaves in the world today. So many of us are engaged in one way or another to try to create change. Video storytelling is one of the most effective ways to get your message not only seen but understood. We make your idea, research, or vision come to life by adding visually-stunning imagery and emotive music to your pre-recorded speech, interview, Ted talk, seminar, or live-stream, helping your viewers understand your message by engaging them on multiple sensory levels.

What We Do

We help audiences learn, comprehend, and feel your idea on both an intellectual and intuitive level. By adding visually-stunning video images and emotive music, we make your idea come alive. But don’t take our word for it. Watch for yourself.

Client: George Monbiot
We found an amazing story about how wolves helped to change the entire ecosystem hidden inside George Monbiot’s Ted talk (~ 100,000 views) and thought we really should bring this story to life.

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How Wolves Change Rivers
After doing our thing to bring the story to life, the video quickly went viral and has been seen over 37 million times and has been shown in film festivals, classrooms, and museums around the world. It is credited with changing the minds of many people towards the value that wolves bring to an ecosystem.

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Client: Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva is one of the most vocal food and human rights activists of our time. We found this interview in which she talks about a deeper form of democracy.

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Earth Democracy
By adding stunning visuals and emotive music to her interview in this short remix, we created a felt experience of Vandana Shiva’s message that resonates to the core.

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Client: Marshall Rosenberg
Marshall Rosenberg is the founder of nonviolent communication has created a worldwide movement that attempts to understand the root of violence and provide tools to circumnavigate it. In this video, he is giving a seminar to an audience on the purpose of nonviolent communication.

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The Purpose Of Nonviolent Communication
Watch the adapted 5 minute movie to see how the purpose of nonviolent communication is brought to life to hit the viewer on multiple sensory levels.

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Client: Frank Gjata
Frank reached out to us to bring to life his adaption of Charlie Chaplin’s famous “Great Dictator” speech from 75 years ago. Watch the original video here.

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The Great Dictator Returns
We edited his original talk and added stunning visual imagery and emotive music to create a felt experience for the viewer that helps them to understand the material on both an intellectual and emotional level. Watch the updated video here.

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Client: Tim Jackson
In his TED talk, Tim Jackson makes the case that traditional investment has been exclusively focused on novelty and has left all other areas of human development unregarded.

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It's Not An Investment If It's Destroying The Planet
We bring some very complex ideas to life using imagery in a unique way. Pay attention to the dynamic way video images are arranged to make a complex idea sound very simple.

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We work with authors, researchers, scientists, organizations that aim to communicate a message that will help our world be more sustainable. We work with people whose intention is to leave a better world to future generations in their own way. Every project is different and will be given a custom quote based on a variety of factors. The prices below will give you an idea of what we ask.

Video Story Editing Service

  • 2-3 minute video
  • Visually stunning, rights-cleared b-roll (at additional cost)
  • Emotionally inspiring, rights-cleared music (at additional cost)
  • Four rounds of editing
  • You provide the original audio recording (Ted Talk, interview, etc.)

Scripting Coaching Service

  • Perfect for people needing help writing their video story script.
  • Professional coaching throughout the process
  • Initial brainstorming session to generate quality ideas
  • Four rounds: you write, we provide constructive feedback
  • Professional voice-over included (if desired)

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