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Welcome to my website! My intention is to bring awareness to and participate in the emerging paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance, ownership to access, competition to cooperation, and fear to love.

The Great Dictator Returns

Charlie Chaplin returns to us...to deliver an empowering message of peace and self love in "The Great Dictator Returns”.

The Purpose Of Nonviolent Communication

"At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled." - Marshall Rosenberg

How Capitalism Exploits Us (And What We Can Do About It)

Some seem to think capitalism is about buying and selling things. However, as this video shows, the core of capitalism is really about exploitation. Find out why and what we can do about it in this video remix.

There Is No “Away”

Always remember, when you throw something "away", there is no "away."

A Moral Question

"If you don't have a moral question governing your society, then you don't have a society that is going to survive." ~ Oren Lyons

Finding Inner Peace

In “Finding Inner Peace,” David Lynch describes how his personal experience with meditation helped him to deal with anxiety, fear, and depression and taught him how to tap into the root source of creativity and bliss.

How Gifts Create Community

As social beings, we all have a natural desire for being a part of a community. But the more we exchange with each other for money, the less community we really have. Gifts are the pathway towards a connected life, as Neil shows us in this video.

The Solar Revolution

Join The Solar Revolution!

Do You Keep Secrets?

An invitation to look inward to voice the things we keep hidden inside as a potential way towards healing and lasting health