Sponsored Story Example

Why Sponsor A Video?

Inspire People
Sustainable Human strives to tell stories that inspire and uplift people, add value to the felt experience someone is having, associate integral action with empowerment, and offer alternative sustainable ways of doing things.
Brand Integrity
Once completed, you will have a compelling video story which will associate your brand with common values that are shared by many around the world and are timeless. Association with your core values will improve brand loyalty as people begin to see and feel that your company is about much more than simply focusing on profits.
Native Advertising
Rather than directly promoting or selling what your organization is or does to the audience, we can amplify the integrity and power of your brand by associating your organization with integral action, the cultivation of a better life and future for all, and sustainable ways of organizing business which is in alignment with living harmoniously with all life on the planet.
Amplified Reach
Getting people to want to share a corporate story with their family and friends can be difficult, especially if the content is centered around a specific business objective. Stories that promote a more sustainable way of doing things or relating to the world is much more likely to be shared.
Continuous Promotion
We will not only create the video but we will also actively promote it. We will continue to share your sponsored video to our audience of over 1.5 million people on Facebook, not just once or twice, but indefinitely far into the future, creating opportunities for virality and winning over new users who want to be aligned with such right action.

How Does Sponsoring A Video Work?

Step 1 - Consultation
We will schedule a time to meet to talk about your broader mission objectives and organizational values.
Step 2 - Proposal
We will provide three potential video story ideas aligned with your organization's mission and values for you to choose from.
Step 3 - Production
There's nothing for you to do here! We will perform our magic and create a powerful, inspiring video story aligned with your organization's values and mission. We cover all costs of video production.
Step 4 - Review
We will present the video for your team's review and look for ways to include some of your own organization's b-roll into the story.
Step 5 - Release
We will work with your marketing team to incorporate your organization's logo and call to action into the film. We will create a 12 month video launch strategy to maximize views.

The price for this service is all inclusive of:

1. Rights-cleared broll and music

2. Small animation (if necessary)

3. Video promotion for at least 1 year (concentrated in the first month of release)

Cost:$5,000 - $10,000 depending on length of video.

*Packages available for multiple videos