Sponsor a Sustainable Human Story

Associate your organization with stories, values, and ideas that make a positive impact on the world.

Why Sponsor A Story?

Let’s face it. Human beings are tired of advertisements, yet they are so important to businesses. Even if you do create a clever ad, it is rare that people want to share it with all their friends on social media. When you sponsor a Sustainable Human video story, you are creating inspiring and educational stories that help people connect and understand the natural and human worlds. Our videos are organically shared by millions of people. Associating your ecological brand with one of our stories is a great way to get seen and heard while offering a gift to the world.

Inspire People
Build Brand Integrity
Native Advertising
Organic Reach
Continuous Promotion

Case Studies

How Trees Talk

Sponsored by Ecosia, “The Search Engine That Plants Trees”

What Are Animals Thinking And Feeling?

Sponsored by Ecosia, “The Search Engine That Plants Trees”

How Humans Heal Climate

Sponsored by Climate Healers

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