It’s Not An Investment If It Is Destroying The Planet

Traditional investment has failed to meet our emotional, social, and spiritual needs. We need to learn a new kind of investment

Are Consumers Just Voluntary Slaves?

Johann von Goethe once said "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Even though we say we are free, is that really true?

Let’s Just Give the Sun to the Oil Companies

We could co-create a sustainable and just economic system, but we seem intent on sticking with capitalism. We owe it to future generations to consider all the options.

How a Carbon Tax-and-Dividend Plan Can Save Democracy and Civilization

A carbon tax-and-dividend could be paradigm-shifting, forming the basis for a social dividend that can help to alleviate inequality and curb climate change.

Is Our Fear of Death Destroying the Planet?

Our quest to secure access to future resources is causing the deterioration of those same resources.

Conventional Economic Is A Form Of Brain Damage

Points out the fallacy of conventional economics and makes an emotional appeal to economists to include the biosphere and life itself in their economic models

You Can’t Have Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet

Taking aim at the absurd idea at the root of modern civilization - the crazy idea that you can have infinite growth on a finite planet

This Is Power To The People

How hierarchical structures of corporations and governments are being undermined by everyday people producing and sharing their own energy

How Scarcity Creates Greed

Examining the underlying conditions that promote greedy behavior and offering a new kind of currency that can actually eliminate greed systematically

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