In corporate society, it is customary to create a resume that informs people who you are. This resume generally portrays information related to our skills and capabilities, validated in the form of accomplishments. After all, your employer doesn’t want to hire a human being. They want to hire someone who can do the job. Who you really are or what you are passionate about is of little importance.

I reject that. Each of us is so much more than our quantifiable accomplishments. I personally believe that I am a sum total of all of my experiences and relationships to other people, other beings, the world and even the Universe itself. Those relationships and experiences make each of us who we are. They form the basis of our world views and our understanding about what it means to be human.

For this reason, I feel to truly answer the question of who I am, I needed to write a different kind of resume – a life resume – that begins at birth and brings you to the present day. You cannot know someone without knowing their experiences, and so I present to you, in the spirit of transparency and honesty, my life resume.

My Life Resume


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