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Sustainable Content Promotion Partnerships

You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but there is currently a huge groundswell movement aiming to change the status quo in a million different ways. Sustainable Human is offering a range of content promotion partnerships to organizations and projects that are promoting ideas, products, and stories that offer a more sustainable way of doing things.

About Sustainable Human

Sustainable Human’s mission is to examine the flawed mindsets and behaviors which are at the root of our sustainability crises and offer alternatives that can form the foundation of a more sustainable world. As conscious storytellers, we seek to illuminate some of the most critical issues and faulty assumptions of our time, bringing the audience an emotional and felt experience while focusing on the interconnection of all life.

About Our Facebook Audience

The Sustainable Human Facebook page has attracted some (~ 1.6 million) of the brightest and sustainability-minded people on the planet who desire to participate and learn about creating a more sustainable world, in all its dimensions. They are actively engaged and eager to learn more about your sustainable initiatives.

About Our Facebook Reach

Here are some details about the weekly reach of the Sustainable Human Facebook page:

  • Total reach: ~ 3-6 million weekly
    • 50% United States
    • 10% UK
    • 10% Canada
    • 8% Australia
    • 6% Germany
    • 6% France
  • 50% men; 50% women
  • Age Groups:
    • 13-17: <1%
    • 18-24: 12%
    • 25-34: 30%
    • 35-44: 23%
    • 45-54: 16%
    • 55-64: 10%
    • 65+: 7%

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1x Daily Post Partnership

$1200per month

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How is your company helping to make the world more sustainable?