Dawn Agnos: Surviving Life, Surviving Death, and Transforming Through Acceptance of What You Are

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Dawn Agnos is a seeker and healer who draws upon her own personal healing journey to help individuals and groups in their journeys.  Among her guiding principles are J. Krishnamurti’s words: “If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.” Dawn was born to two extremely young parents whom she describes as “not ready or willing to treat parenthood seriously.”  In her childhood, Dawn faced evictions, homelessness, hunger, beatings, foster homes, and abandonment.  In the face of her mother’s addictions, Dawn was responsible for raising her sister who was sixteen months younger.  By the time of her early adulthood, Dawn body developed an auto immune disease that See full.
Five Questions for Dawn
What Makes You Come Alive?
Learning about myself and everything else in existence on the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional planes of life. Being able to find gratitude for the difficulties I have suffered and knowing how to transmute the suffering and confusion of others because of the work I do to heal myself. My deepest intention is to learn from each situation and offer healing in any way I can be of service. Integrating everything I have ever learned and using it to transmute experience for others and for myself.Your Greatest Inspiration?
I have survived death many times, and suffered great loss. One of the major catalysts of my life happened one evening when a my soul spoke to me and said, “Your life is going to change forever”. Those words still chill my bones today. I awoke to find my fiance and soulmate had passed away beside me suddenly in the middle of the night. Every dream for a real life and the someone that truly loved me and knew me deeply was gone in an instant. I was alone once again in the world and found myself deeply entrenched in suicidal tendencies. Everyone was terrified to get too close to someone who had experienced such a recent loss, and the grief process was a lonely one. It took everything I had to find a reason to stay here in service to something greater than myself. And four years later, synchronicity led me to find love and safety with another soul mate.An Act of Kindness You’ll Never Forget?
We will very poor when I was a child and this particular Christmas, the cupboards were bare and the electricity had been previously shut off. My mother had been hired for part time seasonal work at a radio station in Detroit, to assist with a toy drive for families who were in need. The outpouring of gifts that came in brought me to tears and still do today just to experience the blessings we received because people in the community cared about those they had never even met. It was what kept me alive through much of my childhood, knowing that one day I would be able to meet the beautiful world that I knew existed somewhere out there.One Thing On Your Bucket List?
I would love to volunteer to help poor communities in any way that I could.One-line Message for the World?
The heart is a unity field of consciousness and has greater knowing and strength than most of us can imagine.

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