When who we are and what we do are not in alignment, we suffer and cause the suffering of others. A more beautiful and sustainable world awaits us once we align our actions with what does not cause suffering.

I asked 250 students, “How many of you are vegan?” One child raised his hand.

Then I asked then, “How many of you would deliberately hurt an innocent animal unnecessarily?” Nobody raised their hands.

Then I told them, by definition, all of your are vegan because you have compassion in your heart. That’s who you are. Except who you are and what you do are not in alignment. When what we say and what we do are not in alignment, we suffer. Not only do we suffer we cause suffering to others.

I frame veganism as a journey home to who we really are – becoming compassionate to all life.

We are all in different places in this journey and because we are all unique, your place is your place. So you have to find your way home. The best we can do is to help each other as we come home to who we really are.


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