How To Invest In A Sustainable Future

Traditional investment has failed to meet our emotional, social, and spiritual needs. We need to learn a new kind of investment

Redefining Family

Is it possible to redefine family to include all of life on Earth?

Earth Democracy

Vandana Shiva explains a deeper form of democracy than what we have today. She calls it “Earth Democracy.”

Let’s Just Give the Sun to the Oil Companies

We could co-create a sustainable and just economic system, but we seem intent on sticking with capitalism. We owe it to future generations to consider all the options.

Patriarchy and The Shift To The Feminine

Examining patriarchal culture’s effects on society and how restoring balance between the masculine and feminine can restore balance in the world

How a Carbon Tax-and-Dividend Plan Can Save Democracy and Civilization

A carbon tax-and-dividend could be paradigm-shifting, forming the basis for a social dividend that can help to alleviate inequality and curb climate change.

How Our Money System Creates Inequality And What We Can Do About It

Using humor to expose the ways the money system was designed to privilege the wealthy and an offering of a more equitable alternative

End In Equality [VIDEO]

Making the moral case to those in power to do what is within their power to do – end global hunger and poverty

This Is Power To The People

How hierarchical structures of corporations and governments are being undermined by everyday people producing and sharing their own energy

A World Without Greed

Examining the underlying conditions that promote greedy behavior and offering a new kind of currency that can actually eliminate greed systematically