How A Universal Basic Income Could Create A More Sustainable Society

There is enormous potential to shift away from a very unsustainable economic model centered around private ownership and towards an economics based on access.

How To Fund A Universal Basic Income Fairly

A properly constructed UBI would be based on the idea that the resources that weren’t created by human labor - the land, the airwaves, our public spaces, the skies, and even money itself - belong to everyone.

Why Every Human Being Deserves A Universal Basic Income

Shouldn’t the right to access the land be the same as the right to access the air to breathe and the water to drink?

Nobody Is Born A Terrorist

When children are exposed to horrific experiences, is it any wonder that a few of them want to inflict the same pain back onto the world as the world inflicted onto them?

A Real Solution To The Homelessness Epidemic

When we see the suffering of people on the street, we, too, feel their pain whether we acknowledge it in our conscious minds or not.

Sustainable Human Launches New Gift-Based Economic System

The mission of Sustainable Human is to assist in creating and promoting a new economic system based on the collective voluntary gifts of everyday people.

The Disconnection Between Money and Reality

Money is such a widely-accepted phenomena, but is it anything more than an abstract concept?

Just What Is Sustainability Anyway?

Everyone is talking about sustainability, but what does it even mean?

A Sustainable Death

What do you want to happen to your body after you die?

Our Leaders Are Not Going To Save Us

They can't see that this desire to control the world is what is at the roots of our crises today.