There Is No “Away”

Always remember, when you throw something "away", there is no "away."

A Moral Question

"If you don't have a moral question governing your society, then you don't have a society that is going to survive." ~ Oren Lyons

Capitalism And Freedom Are Incompatible

There is some freedom within capitalism, but there is no freedom from it.

Our Leaders Are Not Going To Save Us

They can't see that this desire to control the world is what is at the roots of our crises today.

The Myth Of Human Nature

In 90 seconds, Dr. Gabor Mate dispels the idea that human beings are greedy and self-interested by nature

It’s Not An Investment If It Is Destroying The Planet

Traditional investment has failed to meet our emotional, social, and spiritual needs. We need to learn a new kind of investment

The True Source Of Greed

Whenever we feel disconnected from the world, we have a hunger for a connection - to anything.

Is Population Growth The Only Cause Of Environmental Destruction?

Is population growth or are there other factors that are impacting the global human ecological footprint?