How Gifts Create Community

As social beings, we all have a natural desire for being a part of a community. But the more we exchange with each other for money, the less community we really have. Gifts are the pathway towards a connected life, as Neil shows us in this video.

Do You Keep Secrets?

An invitation to look inward to voice the things we keep hidden inside as a potential way towards healing and lasting health

Nobody Is Born A Terrorist

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do." ~ Jesus Christ

How Gift Economies Align With Our Natural Desires

All living beings share one thing in common. Each man, woman, child, bird, bee, and dog – all have just one life.

Earth Democracy

Vandana Shiva explains a deeper form of democracy than what we have today. She calls it “Earth Democracy.”

Towards A New Access-Based Economic System

Any new economic system ought to be based around principles of resource efficiency, striving to obtain maximum utility per unit of raw material consumed.