Nobody Is Born A Terrorist

When children are exposed to horrific experiences, is it any wonder that a few of them want to inflict the same pain back onto the world as the world inflicted onto them?

How Gift Economies Align With Our Natural Desires

All living beings share one thing in common. Each man, woman, child, bird, bee, and dog – all have just one life.

Let’s Try Trusting Each Other

A critical look at the aggressive scare tactics used by environmentalists to try to wake people up and an alternative method more grounded in truth

Earth Democracy

Vandana Shiva explains a deeper form of democracy than what we have today. She calls it “Earth Democracy.”

Towards A New Access-Based Economic System

Any new economic system ought to be based around principles of resource efficiency, striving to obtain maximum utility per unit of raw material consumed.

Question Everything

"Tell the truth! Don't be bullshitting people!" ~ George Carlin

The Citizen’s Oath

An look at warnings left by past presidents about government corruption and the role we as citizens of the world must play in creating a sustainable future

Is The Secret To Peace of Mind Not Having Secrets?

An invitation to look inward to voice the things we keep hidden inside as a potential way towards healing and lasting health