What A Cat Taught Me About My Humanity

What if we took the time to have real communications with each other and our animal brothers and sisters?

How You Know You’ve Lost Touch With How To Feel

The truth is you already are feeling something about anything - it's just that you've been trained to tune it out as unimportant or suppress it out of fear of what others may think about you.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

There is a vast territory between what we're trying to leave behind, and where we want to go - and we don't have any maps for that territory.

A Sustainable Death

What do you want to happen to your body after you die?

The Story of the Chinese Farmer

A parable about life and nature that helps us to stay grounded in truth of openness non-judgement

The Myth Of Human Nature

In 90 seconds, Dr. Gabor Mate dispels the idea that human beings are greedy and self-interested by nature

The True Source Of Greed

Whenever we feel disconnected from the world, we have a hunger for a connection - to anything.

What Did You Forget?

Alan Watts leads us down a thought exercise to help us discover that who we truly are is actually “the fabric and structure of the Universe itself"

The Change That Comes With Crisis

Crisis is how the Universe wakes us up.