The Great Dictator Returns

Charlie Chaplin returns to deliver an empowering message of peace and self love in "The Great Dictator Returns”.

The Purpose Of Nonviolent Communication

"At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled." - Marshall Rosenberg

Finding Inner Peace

In “Finding Inner Peace,” David Lynch describes how his personal experience with meditation helped him to deal with anxiety, fear, and depression and taught him how to tap into the root source of creativity and bliss.

Do You Keep Secrets?

An invitation to look inward to voice the things we keep hidden inside as a potential way towards healing and lasting health

What A Cat Taught Me About My Humanity

What if we took the time to have real communications with each other and our animal brothers and sisters?

Why Recognizing Our Own Privilege Can Be So Hard

The reason why many of us are unable to recognize our own privilege is because that privilege cost something sacred to us – a chance to discover our authentic selves and to pursue our own authentic life.

Our Addiction to Control is Enslaving Us

Is there a belief about the Universe or about ourselves that causes all of the conflict in the world?

Validation: The Missing Link To A More Sustainable World

We all desire to be loved unconditionally, and we'll do really weird things if we don't feel that way at least some of the time.

Too Much Stuff

Motivational video exploring how consumerism has separated us and how sharing resources with one another can help us reunite