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How Perception Changes Experience

Don’t be afraid of change. For without it, your journey would feel meaningless.

The Disconnection Between Money and Reality

Money is such a widely-accepted phenomena, but is it anything more than an abstract concept?

Why Recognizing Our Own Privilege Can Be So Hard

The reason why many of us are unable to recognize our own privilege is because that privilege cost something sacred to us – a chance to discover our authentic selves and to pursue our own authentic life.

Our Addiction to Control is Enslaving Us

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Is The Materialist Worldview Holding Back Science?

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How Gift Economies Align With Our Natural Desires

All living beings share one thing in common. Each man, woman, child, bird, bee, and dog – all have just one life.

How I Stopped Believing I Was Separate From The Universe

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Just What Is Sustainability Anyway?

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I Ruined My iPhone and I’m Not Getting Another One

I began to think about all the times when I had a few moments “to kill” and how the phone robbed me of being present in the world. Of course it wasn’t the phone that was robbing me; it was my survival anxiety.