How A Universal Basic Income Could Create A More Sustainable Society

There is enormous potential to shift away from a very unsustainable economic model centered around private ownership and towards an economics based on access.

How To Fund A Universal Basic Income Fairly

A properly constructed UBI would be based on the idea that the resources that weren’t created by human labor - the land, the airwaves, our public spaces, the skies, and even money itself - belong to everyone.

Why Every Human Being Deserves A Universal Basic Income

Shouldn’t the right to access the land be the same as the right to access the air to breathe and the water to drink?

Nobody Is Born A Terrorist

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do." ~ Jesus Christ

Globalization Makes No Sense

The logic that maximizing GDP, which is just the summation of all goods and services exchanged for money, will somehow lead to a better world for all is so obviously flawed, yet it continues to be held in high regard by almost every mainstream economist.

What A Cat Taught Me About My Humanity

What if we took the time to have real communications with each other and our animal brothers and sisters?

Donald Trump Is The Mirror We Don’t Want To Look Into

If Donald Trump is the mirror we don’t want to look into, then Hillary Clinton offers us the mask we put on to avoid seeing our reflection.

A Real Solution To The Homelessness Epidemic

When we see the suffering of people on the street, we, too, feel their pain whether we acknowledge it in our conscious minds or not.

The Cause Of The Disconnection And Rebellion Crisis With Kids

In the pursuit of the perfectly behaved child, we have created conditional environments of reward and punishment which lack empathy, connection, and unconditional love.

Perfectionism And Shyness Are Survival Tools

The most crucial step in the journey of emotional maturity is to go beyond what feels comfortable and seek to know who we truly are.